12 Mar 2015

This year Fonseca proudly celebrates 200 years of family tradition and success.
A record in the books of the archives of the Companhia Geral da Agricultura das Vinhas do Alto Douro shows the first evidence of the company's commercial activity, the purchase of 32 barrels of Port Wine by João dos Santos Fonseca on April 8, 1815.For two hundred years, the destinies of the firm were shaped by four families. The Fonseca and the Monteiro who founded the business. The Guimaraens dynasty that led the firm for over a century and made the wines from 1860 to the present. Finally came the Yeatman family and their descendants, who ran the company with great success during the second half of the 20th century and into the new millennium.Vintage is present as a common thread throughout Fonseca's history. Since the legendary 1840, the first Vintage made under the Fonseca name, the firm has continuously produced magnificent wines, including the iconic vintages of 1927, 1948, 1977 and 1994, all scoring 100 points. These, among many others, have firmly contributed to confirm Fonseca as a house belonging to the first league of houses producing Vintage Port.
"Fonseca's Vintage Ports are perhaps the most consistently exceptional of all. Not only do they display remarkable corpulence, but they maintain that youthfulness for decades."
By James Suckling
Fonseca's status as a producer of Vintage Port is undisputed. However, to many wine lovers, it is best known as the producer of one of the most popular Ports ever made, Fonseca Bin No.27. This superb reserve builds on the heritage of Fonseca's great vintages and shares the opulence of fruit that defines the Fonseca house style. True to a tradition of unique, distinctive wines with unmistakable character, Fonseca produces one of the most individualized ranges, including Guimaraens Vintage, unfiltered LBV, a rare Crusted and the first organic Port, Terra Prima.A pioneer in organic and sustainable viticulture in the Douro valley, Fonseca maintains a close connection to the vineyard and owns three of the best quintas in the region, including the emblematic Quinta do Panascal.To celebrate Fonseca's Bicentennial, a vast program of tastings and celebrations has been organized in various markets around the world. This occasion will also be the stage for two special launches.Fonseca Crusted, a special limited edition of the Bicentennial. Bottled in 2008, it features attractive bottle aging notes and is a superb wine to celebrate Fonseca's 200th anniversary. However, those who prefer to keep it in cellar as a souvenir of the Bicentennial can expect it to continue to improve in bottle.In addition to Fonseca's Bicentennial, this year also marks the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo. The defeat of Napoleonic troops on June 18, 1815, ten weeks after Fonseca began trading, ended 26 years of conflict between France and almost all European nations. It was a triumph for the Duke of Wellington, who led the Anglo-German forces, a fact that will be widely celebrated in England over the next few months.Wellington spent much of his career leading Portuguese and English allied troops against Napoleonic forces during the Peninsular campaigns. What better wine to toast the bravery and steadfastness of the Iron Duke and his men than Port Wine, the symbol of friendship and the Anglo-Portuguese alliance.In tribute to Wellington's victory, Fonseca created a special edition, the Waterloo Edition, a full-bodied, robust and vigorous reserve that will be available soon.