Tawny Ports

A more versatile and appealing style of port wine there is not. Lighter in character than vintage port, Aged Tawny Ports lend themselves to a variety of occasions and have the added benefit of being delightful when served slightly chilled, which makes them particularly enjoyable in the warmer summer months.

The fragrant, ripe fruit bouquet and tangy fruit of the Fonseca 10 Year Old served lightly chilled makes an excellent dessert wine and pairs superbly with a light chocolate mousse with red berries, or a rich and nutty cheese such as a smoked applewood cheddar.

The Fonseca 20 Year Old has added complexity and has developed much more of those mellow and spicy notes, leaving behind the fruitiness of its youth. Armed with these flavour profiles consider a homemade terrine or paté, an aged Pecorino, a Comté or a good farmhouse cheddar. For the sweeter tooth, pecan pie, almond and caramel ice-cream, or for the slightly more left of field - wild strawberries.