23 Apr 2019

Fonseca has announced the declaration of the 2017 Fonseca Classic Vintage Port.
Fonseca announces the declaration of the 2017 Fonseca Classic Vintage Port. The announcement is made on April 23, 2019, in accordance with house tradition. Comments on the 2017 Fonseca Vintage:Adrian Bridge, Managing Director: "We are very pleased to declare the 2017 Fonseca Vintage. This announcement follows the already acclaimed 2016 but presents a very distinctive character. This is a wine of impressive dimension and depth, in which the opulent and complex fruit flavours so characteristic of the house style stand out."
"The quality of fruit present in the 2017 Fonseca, is exceptional. It is concentrated and powerful, with the traditional opulence and complexity of classic Fonseca wines but with an attractive minerality. "
By David Guimaraens
David Guimaraens, Director of Enology: "We will remember the 2017 wine year for the exceptionally dry conditions throughout the vegetative cycle and the early start to the harvest, which was the earliest in memory in a generation. Unsurprisingly, it was a low-yielding year, with thick-skinned berries that produced concentrated musts with high levels of tannins. However, an August with relatively mild temperatures meant that the ripening of the grapes was uniform and the wines perfectly balanced. All of Fonseca's properties, both in the Távora valley and the Pinhão valley, produced excellent wines."